Wednesday, April 29, 2015


For Elizabeth and Laura
Barcelona is one of my favourite places in Europe!
It was a dream and really refreshing when we got their after being in Amsterdamn and Brussels!
It was welcoming, friendly and quiet... peaceful!
It's large so even though there is plenty of people you have so much room to walk freely and not be bumping into so many people!
It was such a beautiful place - we went in winter and it was gorgeous but I think this is def a summer place... It's def on my list to go back here in summer!

W Hotel
Hotel Claris
Ohla Hotel
Le Meriden
Hotel Majestic
Firstly, if your a fan of the show 'SPAIN... on the road again' (i'm obsessed) 
check out the list of places they went to in Barcelona here...
Cal Pep
For tradition Catalan cuisine
La Boqueria
(Food Market)
La Rambla 
Magical Montjuic
(The fountain at night looks incredible)
 Explore the Gothic Quarter
Hire a Go Car
Take a hike in Parc del Guinardo, you will get amazing views!

Tibidabo Theme Park

Hire a bike and ride along the beach

La Sagrada
Park Guell
Casa Batllo
Casa Mila
(make sure you see the rooftop)
Barcelona Cathedral
Parc de la Ciutadella
Tibidabo Temple


90210 iPhone Cover
Abode Australia


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Baby Shower
Image of PRINT | BABY 

Mothers Day

Gift for self 
(Bathroom comes to mind)

House Warming gift for a girlfriend

Image of LUST LIST | A3 Print "Best foot forward"


Thursday, April 23, 2015



Manning Cartell Spring/Summer 2015 Show
Hair by Goldwell
Hair Director: Dale Delaporte of Prema
Wednesday 15th April, 2015 – 5pm 


Celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Manning Cartell presented their Spring/Summer 2015/16 collection, Introduced Light. A collection of light, reflection and contrast pulsated with a dynamic synergy of colour and print and a strong hint of glamour. Volume, texture, embellishment and asymmetry fuse the intricacies of retro art with modern technology to create playgrounds for luxurious lifestyles with an athletic streak. Pop art inspired print tinged with a palette of mango, chilli and chambray express the youthful exuberance of SS15-16.
The Manning Cartell design duo were pleased to partner with the global brand for their 10th Anniversary show, "We are very excited to partner with the Goldwell team & the creative Dale Delaporte for MBFWA and throughout 2015, we feel it is a great partnership with Manning Cartell. The hair creation for the show is both sporty and glamourous which completes the look for our SS15 Introduced Light collection."
Hair Director Dale Delaporte took inspiration from the patterns and textures of the fabric when working the 70's references into the hair look. "In our creative discussions words like
volume, asymmetry, pop art and retro all stuck with me. When I saw the collection I was immediately drawn to the slightly reflective shimmer overlaying those retro patterned jackets and dresses. Next to them on the rack were a few of their rougher textured mesh tops. I loved the contrast!"
"The beauty of this look is that depends on the angle you see it to which part grabs your attention. From the front of course, it's all about that fringe - heavy, unbroken and uber sexy. On the right, you get that flow from the hardness of the fringe right through to the weightlessness of the profile. The left gives you that raked up front few inches, to toughen the look up. And the back gives you nothing but pillowy, textured waves. The strength in the silhouette, the sexiness of the fringe, and that hint at vintage retro glamour that you get from both the shape and texture are all nods to the Manning Cartell women, and you can see that throughout the entire collection."
Delaporte worked with the Goldwell StyleSign product range to create the Manning Cartell show look.
To achieve the Manning Cartell hair look, follow Dale Delaporte of Prema salon's step-by-step instructions below:
  1. Take a deep, diagonal side part finishing at the outer corner of the left brow. Without losing parting, section from ear to ear intercepting the crown and clip front away
  2. Apply StyleSign Power Whip evenly throughout back area until the hair is saturated, then blow dry in sections with plenty of root lift.
  3. Using a small hot tong, create movement in the back by winding generous sized sections of hair around the tong, so as to not create curl. This step is for creating movement to be manipulated later.
  4. Take a two-inch section on the occipital bone from ear to ear, leaving one inch around hairline for coverage. Scalp braid this section and then double over braid and pin into a spiral reaching to either end. Add padding to the area surrounding and pin firmly to the braid.
  5. Saturate front left section with StyleSign Glamour Whip and dry, while stretching the hair upwards towards the crown, then spray lightly with StyleSign Magic Finish and hold in place with crease free clip to set.
  6. Move to right side and apply StyleSign Glamour Whip until saturated. Take the bottom two inches and dry, stretching directly back with zero volume.
  7. Take the front inch of free hair and dry with zero root lift forward over face. Over direct hair closer to parting just slightly to the left to give extra swing in the fringe.
  8. Repeat with remaining sections, progressively directing hair more diagonally forward as you get to less and less hair left over. This will ensure there are no holes.
  9. Apply a small amount of StyleSign Roughman to the very top layer of the fringe area to maintain a solid, and smooth surface. Then, using a very fine bristle brush, shape the fringe to sit forward and skimming the bridge of the nose to then cover the right eye. Occasionally mist with StyleSign Magic Finish over the top to help grip the brush and keep the desired shape.
  10. Continue shaping until the fringe covers the eye and curves to tuck behind the ear. Secure fringe section to behind the ear with a small pin, leaving hair above for hiding the pin under.
  11. Lightly brush out the rest of the hair, being sure not to lose any volume, then collect the hair in the bottom section of hair, and following the direction of the hair, loosely tie off with a small elastic to remove bulk and allow easy styling finish.
  12. While spraying the hair with StyleSign Naturally Full loosen up and create the desired shape in the back. Being sure to accentuate where that padding was place earlier.
  13. Use a small amount of StyleSign Roughman and rake through the left side in front of the ear, keeping that upward motion and spray with StyleSign Sprayer to secure.
  14. Remove any clips still in the hair, and use more StyleSign Sprayer through the fringe area to keep shape and create a glossy sheen.
  15. Spray StyleSign Magic Finish through the back are of the hair to keep texture in place, and make the most of that volume.


Duro Olowu  outfit 
Duro Olowu



Jonathan Saunders



Sara Nicole Rossetto wearing a Moschino total look and Prada shoes before the Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2015-2016 fashion show in Milan, Italy


Helmut Lang  
Helmut Lang

 Gianvito Rossi Suede Ankle BootsFossil Sydney ClutchThe Row For Linda Farrow Gallery 'The Row 8' sunglasses


Director – Maria Gabriel
Wednesday 15th April, 2015 – 7pm

Make Up Store was thrilled to act as the make up partner for the GALANNI Spring/Summer 2015/16 Fashion Show for the second year running. After working on their debut show, the brands have joined forces once again to bring GALANNI's 2015/16 collection to the runway.
"We loved working with Make Up Store," gushed the mother/daughter design duo, Catherine and Lenna Vasilas, "Maria completely took our ideas and turned them into reality, so she was our go-to once again in 2015. This year we wanted the make up to be elegant and sexy all at once, glowing skin, smokey eyes and a beautiful lip – we love what Maria has created and the beautiful Make Up Store pigments have once again made our beauty dream into a stunning reality."
Maria Gabriel loves the 2015/16 make up for GALANNI, "This look is just beautiful. I love fresh, glowing skin with a smokey eye and this is perfect for the GALANNI woman, a modern and strong woman who is still very feminine and refined. This year's collection called for a rich, chocolate and gold smokey eye to help complement the look, without overpowering the range."
To learn about the techniques and products used by Maria Gabriel in creating the look, please see below:

  • Lightly conceal and prime with "Eye Primer"
  • Apply a base of Microshadow "Brown Sugar", gently pressed on upper inner corners of eyelids
  • Microshadow "Spirit" applied and build up at upper outer 'V' and softly blended through crease and upper lash line
  • Microshadow "Deadly" pressed on upper outer corner of eyes for depth
  • Microshadow "Bronze" pressed through the middle of the eyelids and blended into other shades
  • Microshadow "Masai" blended through the crease-line to soften off the edges
  • Cake Eyeliner "Black" run along upper lash line, slightly thickened up at outer corners
  • Eyelashes curled and "Drama Mascara" applied. Individual lashes applied if necessary
  • Eyeliner "Black" and Microshadow "Spirit" smudged and blended along bottom outer lash line followed by Eyeliner "Gold Digger" run along the inner waterline
  • Eye Dust "Morning Breeze" mixed with water to form a rich gold metallic eyeliner and applied at the inner upper and lower lash lines
  • Eyebrows filled in with "Tri Brow" strong enough to frame and balance the smokey eyes
  • Prep with moisturiser then prime with "Skin Serum"
  • Mix "Illuminizer" with "Liquid Foundation" and apply all over the face and blend down the neck and through the décolletage.
  • Conceal where required with "Eazy Covers" and "Reflex Covers"
  • Highlight along the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and the cupid bow with High Tech Lighter "Venus"
  • Lightly set base with Micronized Compact Powder "Translucent" avoiding the highlighted areas
  • Highlight and set the rest of the base with "Wonder Powder"
  • Contour with strong emphasis under cheek bones with Micronized Compact Powder "Chocolate"
  • Apply Blush "Sugarpink" through apples of the cheeks and blend into contour
  • Outline and fill in lips with Lipliner "Cherie"
  • Fill in lips with Lipstick "Redwood"
All Make Up Store products are designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with any other Make Up Store products. To find out where your nearest Make Up Store location is, contact Make Up Store's head office and flagship store in Paddington on 02 9360 5885.
Notes to editors – for all media enquiries, including samples, high resolution images, and tips and tricks on how to get the look from Maria Gabriel, Head Make Up Artist of Make Up Store Australia, please contact Keryn O'Donnell at The Trish Nicol Agency – or 02 9356 2711.
About Make Up Store
Make Up Store is a cutting-edge, Swedish make up brand, which has been in existence for over 24 years. Starting as one of the first make up academies in Sweden in 1990, Make Up Store quickly expanded and began creating their own product ranges, which soon led to the introduction of Make Up Store boutiques. Since launching the first boutique retail store in Stockholm, Sweden 15 years ago, Make Up Store is now sold in over 200 locations in 23 countries around the globe.
With a heritage rooted in education, Make Up Store continues to place its focus on teaching consumers, not just selling to them. As a creative and dynamic company, Make Up Store is always on the frontier of developing innovative products and launching new trends. Within the product line lies a "World of Colours" that are adjustable to fit everyone. Along with education, colours have been a focus since the very beginning. The products contain rich pigmentation and are produced from top quality ingredients. They have not been tested on animals and do not contain any perfume which makes the whole range allergy-friendly.
In 2005, Make Up Store published the first issue of makeup magazine, M. M includes not only an endless source of inspiration but also instructions and advice to help consumers create the ultimate look with their makeup. M is a place where some of the world's leading makeup artists meet and where consumers can celebrate in their creations and achievements.