Monday, April 13, 2015


macgraw Spring/Summer 2015 Show
Hair by Goldwell
Hair Director: Benni Tognini,
Monday 13th April, 2015 - 4pm


Step by Step Guide

Goldwell, leaders in professional salon only hair colour and style, have continued their partnership with fashion design sister duo macgraw to create a hair look that brings to life the vision of their modern day shepherd girl in their Spring/summer 2015 collection "Shepherdess".
'We are thrilled to be partnering for the second year with Goldwell, we find their products and attention to detail to be second to none. Benni has helped bring our shepherd girl to life working his magic to create a young romantic style with a frenchy cool undertone". Says Beth MacGraw

Benni Tognini "There is a real movement towards undone styling at the moment, the natural texture and waves of hair being made part of a style, instead of correcting it. The macrgraw 'Shepherdess' girl is the perfect example of this hair. The look was to be kept fuss-free and wearable, with an image of a little farm girl transformed into a modern day woman. We tidied the hair as a first action, worked in extra body and volume and then finished by making the pony tail a simple feature. I love this hair for runway and real life."

Tognini worked with the Goldwell StyleSign product range to create the textured style for the show.

To achieve the macgraw hair look, follow Benni Tognini's step-by-step instructions below:
  1. Start by blow drying the hair into a full, voluminous style with a centre part, using StyleSign Double Boost at the roots and working StyleSign Naturally Full through the ends of the hair
  1. Spray the sides of the hair with StyleSign Hot Form spray and wind each section into knots. Run hot irons over the knots and then brush out
  1. Back comb the back of the hair to add some volume to the roots and create the slightly messy texture, spritz with StyleSign Magic Finish to hold the body
  1. Draping the hair over the ears, pull the sections together and secure into a low pony tail at the nape of the neck.
  1. Backcomb the pony tail once secured and mist StyleSign Sprayer to set the style. Add ribbon to finish the look.

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