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Get the taste of LA at Fishbowl Pokè at PACIFIC Bondi Beach.
Bondi's first Pokè-food bar has opened its doors in the landmark PACIFIC Bondi Beach residential, boutique hotel and retail development, bringing a taste of LA food culture to Sydney. Fishbowl Pokè combines sushi flavours with BYOB (build your own bowl) salads, toppings and dressings to deliver more flexibility, diverse flavours at a more accessible price point. 
Modern Japanese ingredients LA style, the concept behind Fishbowl Pokè is to deconstruct the sushi roll and take it to a whole new level. It's the perfect meal for lunch, dinner, a late-night snack and everything in between. Simply grab a bowl and build your own sushi salad from the endless flavour combinations on offer.
 "We're excited to open at PACIFIC Bondi Beach," says Fishbowl owner, Nathan Dalah. "It's emerging as Bondi's next food and cultural hub, plus it's a stone's throw from the best beach in the world so it's the perfect spot for Fishbowl."
Pacific Bondi Beach is the newest building facing Bondi Beach, encompassing two levels of parking, residential, retail and QT boutique hotel apartments. Designed by architect Andrew Andersons from PTW, the high profile development offers unsurpassed services, exceptional shopping and restaurants, enriching the Bondi lifestyle experience.
The development also includes stunning public spaces such as a central 6-storey atrium as the development's main entry, housing a leafy green oasis through which the public can wander, sit and relax. The innovative and creative design of the building is mirrored in the world-class selection of artworks exhibited throughout the site.
PACIFIC took the Sydney property market by storm in September 2012 when 74 out of the 76 apartments sold within hours of its official launch for a record $164 million in sales. It also broke all Australian records with the sale of two amalgamated apartments for $21 million in 2013.
Fishbowl Pokè joins a raft of contemporary and distinguished retailers including SCOOP Wholefoods, Anita Gelato, Parisi, cult menswear brand Saturdays NYC and iconic LA fitness chain, Gold's Gym.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Saint Laurent oversized sunglasses
 Saint Laurent striped T-shirt
 Saint Laurent 'Babies' sandals
 Saint Laurent toy 'Anita' crossbody bag




Goldwell Hair Sharon Blain from Sharon Blain Education


Australian Bridal Fashion Week hair look 1 'The Braid' step-by-step instructions from Sharon Blain: 
  1. Begin with Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form, blow dry the hair at the back of the head using a large round brush to smooth down the hair.
  2. Begin with a middle parting 8cm deep at the forehead. Make a centre parting in line with the top of the ear.
  3. Make a scalp braid across the top of the head just behind the part line.
  4. Using tongs curl two deep sections on the crown and curl the remaining hair around the bottom. Brush the hair thoroughly.
  5. Section off a triangle section behind the braid down to obone at back. Divide the remaining hair in the centre back and do a free strand braid on both sides, band ends to hold.
  6. Find the middle of the false braid, place in the centre on top of the head, pin to hold. Drape the ends down towards the centre back, pin we'll into the braid to hold.
  7. Gently make an opening in the pony section and loop the pony up and through the split section. Gently pull out the loops from the turned pony to expand for volume and soft texture. Once done roll the pony ends up and pin at the base of the elastic to hide.
  8. Direct the braids on both sides closely back towards the nape, while opening the braids to expand over the base of the false braid to hide.
  9. Drape the braids across to opposite sides and pin. Use a light spray of Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish to hold.
Australian Bridal Fashion Week hair look 2 'The Up-do' step-by-step instructions from Sharon Blain: 
  1. Begin with a middle parting 8cm deep at the forehead. Section the front down to behind the back of the ear. 
  2. Then make a triangle section from behind the front section, down to the back at the crown. Finally with the remaining section at the back create a pony high up onto the crown as shown.
  3. To prepare the hair, directionally blow dry the front section flat with Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form. Use bar clips to hold the sides flat. Direct the sides into the centre nape and band together.
  4. Crimp the triangle section from roots to ends. Also crimp the ponytail base from roots to end.
  5. Incorporate the lower ponytail into the top ponytail.
  6. Backcomb the ponytail for texture. Smooth over the top section and add a small elastic in the middle for the ponytail. Roll a padding shape into the ponytail for volume.
  7. Smooth the pony hair over the padding and roll up into the head below the pony base and secure with pins to hold firmly in place. 
  8. Gather the ends into a pony at the nape and use long pins to hold the hair into position.
  9. Place a long section clip vertically in the centre at the nape. Twist the pony section towards the left side and pin down into the nape to hold. Tuck the ends up inside the twisted section to hide. 
  10. Gently lift the top section of the hair to give a softer finish and pin well to secure the shape.
  11. Finish with Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish hairspray
Australian Bridal Fashion Week hair look 3 'Gentle Curl' step-by-step instructions from Sharon Blain: 
  1. Saturate the whole hairline with Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form. Using a narrow tooth comb directional blow dry the hair from the forehead to the top of the head. Flatten the comb completely on the head so the hair is really tight into the head.
  2. Using Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form blow dry the hair at the back of the head using a large round brush to smooth down the hair. This will prepare the hair for the curl.
  3. Section the hair in line with the ear from one side of the head to the other. Clip the hair on the front section so it is out of the way.
  4. Take another section right behind the first section, about 1cm deep. This section needs to line up right behind the ear. Clip the section away.
  5. Clip together the hair at the bottom of the head.
  6. Lightly spray the 1cm middle section with Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form. Braid the hair starting at the top of the ear all the way across to the top of the other ear. Add a band at the end to hold.
  7. Take the hair from the front of the hair and pull it over the braid. Clip in place.
  8. Saturate the front section of hair with Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam. Do not put any gel past the braid line.
  9. Using a wide tooth comb, comb the hair from the forehead to the braid line to create wide comb lines in the hair.
  10. Carefully lift up the hair to find the braid. Separate the first comb line. Using a needle and cotton thread, stitch the hair from the front to the back, going underneath the braid. Continue with each line across the hair, keeping the separation from front to back. Knot the thread at the end once complete.
  11. Using your fingers, gather and pinch each line of hair on the front of the head to give more dimension.
  12. With the rest of the hair at the back, create two sections horizontally. Take 2cm sections and spray lightly with Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form and curl with a large tong. Always curl in the same direction. Pin the curl to set. Repeat with the top section.
  13. Brush the hair thoroughly from roots to ends. Spray lightly with Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss and finish with Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish hairspray

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This year, my Jackie is in China. Jewel tones, black lacquer, shiny brass, crisp Greek key trim, and Chinoiserie details are decorating necessities.:


The Best Off-Duty Model Street Style from Spring 2016 Fashion Weeks | StyleCaster:

Geo topper, London #coat:

London Street Style.:


Tony Bianco


Hey Guys,

I teamed up with TickPick to create my own little fantasy Coachella line up, hence "FAUXCHELLA!

(I teamed up with TickPick, a no-fee ticket marketplace for concerts, sporting events, and more, to create my own little fantasy Coachella line up, hence "Fauxchella!

It was so exciting creating a list of my favourite artist that would make a dream festival for me.
I wish this was real!
I'm dreaming of dancing my heart out to Calvin Harris & Daft Punk, chilling out to The Weeknd, singing along to Adele with my girlfriends, stomping the grounds in search for booze and junk food while listening to some old school rock n' roll and then ending on a high with a little bit of Prince! WHAT A DREAM!

I admit I no longer do festivals as I feel there is too much of an age gap (well that and the fact that I much prefer a night in with tea and fuzzy socks), but Coachella is completely different and groups of all ages attend, so there is a mature crowd and it really is all about the music, vibes, good company, food &&&&&& FASHION! Oh and let’s not forget it's in the California Desert which is my favourite place on earth, all those Palm Trees - heaven!







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Sussan Mourad