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Milan Street Style Spring 2014



My trip to Paris was absolutely amazing! Paris is perfect!
It literally feels like a dream, so magical!
My favourite thing to do in Paris is walk along Rue de Rivoli look at all the little stores and get something sweet from Angelina (their hot chocolate is pretty much chocolate melted into a thick soup - so yummy) have lunch at one of the amazing restaurants close by (Le Meurice, Hotel Costes or any that looks interesting) then walk through Jardin des Tuileries and then walk over to the Concorde and stop for a crepe and enjoy the sights including the Eiffel Tour and Arc de Triomphe! I did this almost everyday! I just love that area, its AMAZING!

My (almost) daily walk looked a little something like this.
I've walked the route in the morning, afternoon and night and I love it in every way!



So I just got a little side tracked... more tips will come shortly but first lets start with where to eat!


Pierre Herme

Jean-Paul Hevin

Cafe Kitsune
Love this little cosy spot for tea and cookies <3

All your bakery needs in one spot! They are all over Paris so you will easily find one!


The food here looks simple and well I guess it is, but it was so damn delicious we couldn't stop gushing about it! So fresh and yummy! Probably the best pasta we have ever had! (Had to try some of Hubby's) I would book well in advance for the summer time as this is a very busy spot - and keep an eye out for Hollywood's A List! Lunching with a view of the Eiffel Tour #nothingbetter!


First.... you have NOT had french toast until you have had the french toast at Laduree OH MY GOSH! I've eaten at the Laduree in South Bank and the one near the Opera but the Champs de Mars is the original one and the best by a long shot! They also have the boutique down stairs for take away and the Laduree Le Bar for cocktails and bar food!

Laduree Le Bar

Cocktails that comes with a Laduree Macaron!!!! #yesplease #whydidntiorderone


Designed by Kenzo and was in the Sex and the City episode when Carrie meets the ex wife in Paree!
This place was beyond fantastic... book well in advance! We booked an early dinner to avoid over crowding - best idea!


If you are lucky enough to be in Paris at the time they do the famous Mona Lisa Eclairs I would say to line up first thing in the morning! We sadly missed out but here is a googled photo below!
#besteclairs #saltedcaramel

L'Opera Restaurant

I just love good quailty food with good service and a gorgeous view!
We had a blast here! One the best dining experiences!
The food was so delightful!


I wanted to actually dine in but the line was ridiculously long!
So glad they had a take away section - BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!

Colette Water Bar
Famous for the quirky eclairs and fun decor (that is always changing) - sadly we went at a time when not much was happening.
The store upstairs (Colette) is fantastic!

This is some of their finer moments below.

Le Grand Colbert

Just like the movie - Somethings Gotta Give!
So french - perfect!

Le Meurice

I wanted to go here for dinner but we settled on breakfast!
5 star dining at its best! I was mesmerized but the beauty of the place, can't say the food was anything special. The street crepes are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy way better!

Cafe de Flore

Be prepared to wait and possibly not get a spot.. and then wait some more before your order is taken.
I was really excited about this place but we waited so long that we left and headed to Ralph's (which I'm soooo glad we did)

Ralph's at Ralph Lauren

I could not fault Ralph's in anyway! We had a fantastic lunch! The fried olives are a must!
I got the veggie burger - SO SO SO GOOD! One of my favourite places for sure!

Monsieur Bleu
Sadly this was closed for lunch when we arrived so we just had some drinks and bar food... the view from here is beautiful as is the place. You can see the gorgeous Eiffel Tour from the bar!

Hotel Costes
LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS PLACE! Super busy but fantastic! Yummy food, great cocktails and lots of fashionable people around! Plus it's in a fab location!

Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a must! It's fine dining but low key!
Friendly, delicious and just a lot of fun!

La Flottille

If you are visiting Versailles this is the best spot to eat!

Le Ciel de Paris

Simply the best view of the Eiffel Tour!

Lastly I couldn't fault any little bakery that we stopped at to get fresh doughnuts, croissants and bread! The one next to our hotel had the best doughnuts we have ever had - EVER! Plus its super cheap - everything is under two euros! Also the supermarkets are a great way to save some money and they have a fresh bakery section also.
Street crepes are only 2 or 3 euros! You can also buy a packet of 6 (already filled with nutella) for 2 euros and the same as madeleines or croissants (these are 2 euros in the vending machine or street stalls but in the supermarket you can find a whole packet for 2 euros!)

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet (all your needs in one)!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, if you are in Paris during Christmas - grab some fresh gingerbread from the Christmas Markets! 

(but couldn't make it, was closed when we arrived or couldn't find it)


L'As Du Falafels

La Tour d'Argent

Le Cafe Pouchkine


Cafe Louis Phillippe

Le Stresa