Monday, August 15, 2016

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I just want to take a moment to say thank you to my best friend (the greatest and most loyal friend I've ever had) for being so kind and generous to me.

I have gained a lot of weight and sometimes I feel like I'll just never get back to my ideal weight again and all I seem to do is get further away instead of closer ): these are the times when my friend will pick me up and bring back my confidence and help with words or encouragement, offering tips and work out dates. Although my husband is amazing beyond words and will workout with me everyday and ask me questions like 'do you really want to eat that' 'are you really hungry' 'can you go without that' or even a reminder like ' how about you have a glass of water instead' (sorry getting of track) it's nice to hear it from someone other than your husband, because my husband is always telling me I'm sexy and then I eat cake lol.

My friend inspires me because she is my actual proof that hard work and dedication pays off.
We both have a sweet tooth - although my friends is on a much bigger level than mine (hehe love you Cindy - I will never forget your Nutella face :-))... so if she can do it I can.. she inspires me to be as dedicated and strong. She keeps me hopeful that I can one day be on the right track again.

The only downside to being happily married and over 30...  YOU GAIN WEIGHT EASY!

So heres to hoping I can fit back into my size 6 jeans again... A girl can dream!

I already know what I should eat and what I need to do.. I just don't do it and that's mostly because I forget about all my goals when I see cakes because all I think about is how yummy it looks!! So I have to come up with creative ways to remind myself of what my goals are. Below are results!

To keep you motivated and not bring you down

1. Take all your skinny clothes that no longer fit out of your closet.
For me, when I start my day trying on clothes that no longer fit sets me off for a crappy motivated day - I'll eat crap, think crap and be crap because I get discouraged.

2. Instead get your old skinny jeans/shorts out and put them in the cupboard so that next time you go eat that naughty something, you will be confronted with your old self and hopefully decide to eat something healthy!
I also keep a pair of jeans or an old skinny photo on my treadmill so I work out harder and longer! 
I also sometimes keep my scales in the kitchen and weigh myself before I eat - but I found that I would always push it to the side so the pants worked better.

3. Buy loser fitting clothes or the next size up!
This helps me because I feel lighter and thinner knowing my clothes are falling off/down (even thought they are a larger size than before). Doing this make me feel happy and optimistic and I'm constantly reminded (insert famous Kate Moss quote here) how good skinny feels and I eat a lot better and move around a lot more.

4. Set reminders just before meal times of your health/weight goals so you rethink your bad food choices and make the right ones.

5. Keep gym equipment all around the house!
I keep my skipping rope in the kitchen because I spend so much time there (making breakfast, lunch and dinner and getting a drink or hubby some ice cream) so I'm reminded to skip when getting a glass of water or to skip while I'm waiting for the water to boil etc etc!

5.  Stop planning food dates with friends and start planning hike and walks instead.

6. Every Sunday cook/prep your meals for the week.
Make sure you plan for your 3 meals plus snacks - don't forget the snacks!
Always allow a small treat or something delicious so you don't feel deprived.

7. Tell your family and friends how you really feel about your personal health (and not just comments like I feel fat or I want to lose weight - get real and emotional enough so they are really aware! When someone loves you they will want to help you be happy) so that way they are aware and can help you make the right choices! For this I want to thank Natalie because without asking she will always say 'babe don't eat that' - thank you beba and not just for that but by you being a great friend you have helped and showed me how to be a better friend! Now I encourage my other friends when they need to eat better!