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Brides To Be!

My Wedding Dress

First I will start off by saying that I never dreamed of my wedding or imagined what dress I would wear.
To be honest I never even thought of marriage until I met my husband.

So once the wedding dress hunt had to start I thought a beautiful princess gown was definitely the one for me, until I tried it on! It was horrible! I have a very young face (I don't like looking younger than my age) and I honestly looked like I was going to my prom. I was so upset at that time because I really hated the mermaid style dresses! Luckily after only trying on a few more I walked into a store and seen this beautiful dress that instantly drew me to it from across the room. I tried it on and that was that (YOU JUST KNOW). I was so in love. It was fitted to the hips and then went out so not really a mermaid dress or a princess dress, it was just perfect.
I definitely love the mermaid dresses now as they help women look mature and gorgeous so long as its not to tight or to cleavage-y!
An added bonus was when I went home and googled my dress and seen that the model wearing it looked so much like my mother when she was younger!

The best thing about my dress was the straps, because it covered my shoulders a little, which meant I didn't have to wear a cardigan to cover my shoulders for the church. Gross!

The only changes I made to my dress was detaching the flower detail.

My Tips

1. Don't lose weight in the last week.
Sadly I did from getting sick and my dress was to big and didn't fit around my chest anymore. 
2. Don't set you heart on something entirely, have a few looks in mind.
3. Buy something you love even if it's a little over you budget.
Also don't pick something just because it's in your budget or because someone doesn't like it.
My mum hated my dress because she wanted me in a princess dress but I stuck to it because I loved it and guess what!!!??? She still goes on about how much she loved my dress to this day!
When my mum seen me all done up on the day she understood why I loved it so much and was so happy I went with it (she even dry cleaned it and boxed it up the day after)
While we are on the topic don't not buy a dress because you can spend more!
I didn't want to spend over $2,000 for mine and I honesty would of paid $100 it if that was the price but mine was just under $3,000.
4. Don't stress if it gets damaged
I promised myself nothing would upset me on the day and IT DIDN'T!
I lost my earrings the morning of and so I just wondered off down to the shops and picked up a new pair, my hairdresser was horrible and my hair was shocking (she also failed to secure my veil so once people starting hugging me it fell to the side) but I brushed it off and ladies with heels constantly stuck there heels into my dress and made holes but really I wasn't only going to wear my dress again and they already felt bad so I would laugh, give them a hug and carry on dancing (remember your wedding is about you and your husband and celebrating with loved ones, so no point getting upset over a dress) 
5. Not really about the dress but worth a mention 
Plan who will take care of your veil when you take it off!
I had two of my bridesmaids take it off and I never seen it again ):
My mother in law bought my veil so it's one thing that I wish I could change about my wedding day.
6. Don't try to many dresses on.
I tired on about 3 before my dress and instantly stopped looking! You will go crazy and never be satisfied if you keep trying them on.
7. Try you dress on as many times as you want because after the day you will most likely never wear it again!
I tried mine on once a week :-) . 


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