Thursday, May 19, 2016



Hair design by Dale Delaporte, PREMA

STYLE INSPIRATION: "The Misha Collection designs speak for themselves, so we wanted the front clean with the sleek centre part, but kept it cool by brushing hair back following the hairline around the ear and sitting into a low, low tight pony. The velvet picks up on the younger playful nature of the Misha Collection girl, while remaining demure. All around it's a fresh take on a sleek, chic look - which ties it in beautifully with the collection."                          
- Dale Delaporte, PREMA -

MISHA Collection hair look step-by-step instructions from Dale Delaporte:
  1. Begin by creating a rectangular section in the back from between the crown and the occipital bone to the nape and as wide and the farthest corners of the nape. Clip away remainder of the hair.
  2. Using Goldwell StyleSign Pump Freezer on the roots, brush the back section flat to the head and tie off sitting at the very base of the nape. There should be no projection from the head.
  3. Lightly moisten the hair with a water spray and prep the roots with Goldwell StyleSign Power Whip and begin to dry through using fingers with zero root lift. Once 70% dry, continue using a Mason Pearson brush to remove any root volume.
  4. Moving to the front, dry the top 2-3" either side of the part down towards the ears and the hair just above the ears horizontally back and curving to follow the shape of the hairline.
  5. Release the front sections. Using the occasional light mist of Goldwell StyleSign Unlimitor for control, brush the hair at the parting flat and down towards the ear, allowing it to join with the hair above the ears which will be directed horizontally and curving the ear, marrying the two different directions. 
  6. Once the direction is perfect and the surface is flawless, collect the ends with the first ponytail and tie as one.
  7. Using your prepared measure of velvet, tie toward one end in a knot around the underside of the base of the ponytail. Begin binding anti-clockwise with a strong but not rigid tension. Keep the binding of the velvet on the thought-through side of messy, occasionally bunching odd sections as you make your way to the bottom. With approx. 1/6 of their length unwound, use double sided tape to secure the velvet underneath the pony and trim the excess close to the base.
  8. Take your extra length of velvet and tie around the underside of the base of the pony and leave ends to fall. Trim to desired length, on an angle.
  9. Finish with a mist of Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss through the top for a healthy sheen.

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