Thursday, August 27, 2015



 For Rita

Thank you :-) I constantly have to think of ways to make room in my closet for my new shoes - I'm lucky enough I don't share a closet with my husband, he has the one in the master bedroom and I have the one in the spare room (which is bigger - woohoo) that entire room is like my walk in wardrobe hehe! But still I live in an apartment so It's not huge - I'm looking into extending it - in the mean time I have found these solutions to have worked.


1.Alternate you heels - one heel to toe and the other toe to heel!
When I done this on the top of my closet I added an extra 4 pairs of heels!
Click link below for an example.
2. Stack your flats on top of each other on the bottom of your closet rather then using a shoe rack.
It will save you half your closet!
3. Buy a hanging organizer for your everyday shoes - this will keep your closet cleaner and more organized as well
4.  Display your really good heels on your closet shelf next to your jewellery or bags - they are art work after all!

I found some pretty crazy but creative ideas here for you!

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