Wednesday, June 3, 2015


For Corinne

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Although I use to make my lamingtons from scratch before and everyone loved them I now make a quick version because I know it will taste amazing since I know bake vegan!

Just by the Green's Vanilla Cake mix and follow the instructions using soy milk (I use Vita Soy Soy Milky Lite) chia seeds instead of eggs and I skip the butter but you can use Nuttelex.
Pour the matter into a lamington baking tray and once baked cut the sponge cake into squares... dip the squares into melting dark chocolate (I use the Woolworths selected dark cooking chocolate - its vegan and yummy once melted... only needs to be microwaved for about 40 seconds and I add a little soy milk before I microwave it) then dunk them into shredded coconut and let cool for a few minutes and TA-DA.... #sodelicious!

All the ingredients can be found at  Woolworths.. nothing fancy you don't need to head over to a crazy expensive out of the way supermarket!

For the cream you can opt to buy soy or rice whip cream from Vegan Online.

Serving suggestion:

Add any jam you like - jams are vegan (well most)! :-)

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