Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Spending big bucks on shoes and bags YES spending money on dresses NO!
If you are like me you have your trusted little black dress in your closet and not many other dresses beside it... I love shopping but dresses are the worst, its so hard to wear them again and really they lose their magic once you've worn them.. so why spend $$$..  save your pennies for the good things like bags, shoes and accessories which you can wear over and over and buy low cost dresses that you don't mind donating after it's served it's purpose or passing them down to siblings/cousins.

There is nothing worse then spending a few hundred dollars on a dress just to never wear it again (who wants to wear a dress over and over and have everyone remember you wearing said dress over and over on special occasions)

My go to site for dress shopping is boohoo.com... it takes some time but they always have amazing gems and  the best thing about them is they always have sales and then they always have promotions on top of the sale likes take 20% off everything.

I bought about 10 dresses/jumpsuits all on sale + a further 20% off for about $200!

HELLOOOOO... savings for my Louis Vuitton bag :-)

Here are some of my top picks!
WAS $70
NOW $25

WAS $63
NOW $20

WAS $40
NOW $24

WAS $40
NOW $16

WAS $36
NOW $12

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