Sunday, April 13, 2014


My Vegan Tortilla Soup!

After failing to find a simple vegan recipe I decided to give it a go on my own!
No point buying all these different spices and ingredients that you wont use again or slaving off in the kitchen when you could be spending quality time with a loved one. 
Ideally I wish I didn't use canned food but I did... but I bought organic!

(If you can buy organic)

Make 2-3
Time 10-15mins

In a saucepan fry onions until golden.
(I used 1/4 of an onion and just sprayed a little rice bran oil over them)
Add 750ml of boiling water
(Save time by boiling the water in a kettle while waiting for the onions)
Add 1.5 cubes of dry vegetable stock
(Or as directed by the brand you have purchased)
Add half of a 400g can of diced tomatoes with juice
Add half of a 420g can of sweet corn
Add half of a 425g can of red beans
Add half of a 125g can of diced capsicum
Sprinkle one teaspoon of taco dry salsa mix
Bring to the boil and your done.

Just before serving add your tortila strips and avocado
(Most white corn tortilla strips are vegan)

Alternatively you can use these vegan nacho chips!
Woolworths stocks them.

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