Sunday, November 20, 2016


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Do you ever find that you have no room in your closet?
Do you always think you have nothing to wear but once you dig through your closet you find all these items you have forgotten about because they were crammed in the back somewhere?
Do you wish you had a separate closet for summer and winter?

Well.. if you are like me I have the perfect solution!

Living in an apartment is the best thing ever, the only down side is there isn't much closet space!

Luckily I have the whole spare bedroom as my closet - otherwise I would def have to move!

But I have wayyyy too much stuff and my winter coats take up so much space that I have started to store them in over (just kiddy) but I have been stuffing them in my empty suitcases but am quickly finding that I still need more room.

So why not store them at a storage company???? I came across MakeSpace and I want to bring you this incredible ideal idea! :-)

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The will pick up your stuff, store it for you and bring it back whenever you want AND they a cheaper then self storage - this is all done through an app for easier convenience! They have storage locations all over the US.

Closet space prices are $19 a month (seriously!!!!!) and can go up to a whole studio apartment storage space for $169 a month!


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