Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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Sooo I made this Chrissy Teigen salad and it was delicious!

BUT I created my own version which is seriously so bloody delicious I can't take it!

I'm not a salad girl! I can honestly count the number of times I have eaten a salad on my hand!

But getting older and fatter I need to start watching what I eat ):

So to my delight I was so amazed at how delicious this salad was.. I actually crave it and eat it as a second breakfast because I can't wait till lunch. I admit I probably wouldn't be able to have just this for a lunch so I make a small portion for a snack or I have it for dinner when I'm not that hungry!


Lettuce Cos Hearts
Ricotta Cheese - I use a vegan version
Red Onion
Balsamic Vinegar
Jazz Apple
Raw Walnuts


Add lettuce first
Sprinkle with balsmaic vinegar 
Add the rest of the ingredients

(just don't add to much dressing - I use about two tablespoons as the apple and onions make it sweet enough - plus eating the raw apple and walnut together... YUUMMMMM)

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