Sunday, September 14, 2014


When packing for a holiday only pack simple, basic and classic items!
When I was packing for my honeymoon I thought to myself, these are photos I will be looking back on forever!!! I didn't want to look back at them and cringe because I was wearing the latest 'trend'.
My honeymoon photos are my favourite to look back on and I'm always printing out new ones to frame and people always ask if they are recent... so it's definitely worked :-)

It's funny... 5 years later I'm still wearing the same outfits and pack most of them for other trips!

Honeymoon - New York, The Hamptons, LA, San Fran & Vegas (2009)

I literally still wear all of the above!

I pretty much wear this on a daily basis for work!

This jacket has traveled with me to so many countries!

Love this combo and still wear it for brunch dates!

A simple one piece costume is always a good idea when you want to show family some holiday snaps!

These sandals are still one of my favs, wear them every summer!

I wear this skirt as a dress now but still love this combo!

Summer staple outfit!

My go to outfit when boarding a plane!

Denim jacket = summer must have!

I love wearing this scarf as a shawl.. reminds me of the one
Carrie wears in Sex and the City circa 1998

Vanuatu (2006)

Pretty much my weekend style to date!

I will never get over this skirt that I also wear as a dress!

Still my weekend style!

Miami & New York (2011)

I wouldn't use this bag again but this outfits is a staple in summer!

I wear this winter outfit every year!!!!

Tall boots easily become ankle boots when you put your jeans over them!
Wore this jacket on my first trip to NY also.

Love big turtle neck knits - wear them every year!

LA, Palm Springs, Vegas, Arizona, Cabo, Miami, NYC & Bahamas (2012)

This dress is so old and you will notice I wear it on a few of my holidays.

Palazzo pants are a must on summer vacations! I can see me wearing these when im 40, 50 & 60!

Light weight sweaters over bikinis... you don't want to show holiday snaps of you in a bikini to family.

Here is this combo again (wore it in Miami 2011 and still wear it to this day!)

Tan sandals! ALWAYS!

Been wearing this dress for the past 4 years! Ginger & Smart!

Plain white, grey and black t-shirts will never let you down!

This kaftan is about 9 years old... still going strong!

Kaftans are ALWAYS.. ALWAYS in fashion!

A boho style in summer is always a good idea! Wore this dress on multiple holidays.

Been wearing this dress for about 5 years now! One of my favs!

There's my denim jacket again... and this dress is super old.
Also packed this dress a few years ago for Vanuatu.

Wore this dress in Mexico as well.. I wear it every summer!

T-shirt dress... always a must!

Paris, Monaco, London, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi & Italy (2013)

Kaftan again...

Parkers have been my fav since I was about 6!

Hats rarely change in fashion... you can get away with the same hat for years!

Ear muffs from 5 years ago!

Simple tall black boots.. no buckles or fancy attachments!

Singapore (2013)

Here is my white dress again.. LA -> Singapore!

My Carrie Bradshaw scarf that I wore 4 years ago in Vegas.

I have been using a tan bag for about 10 years now!

This Wrangler top is 10 years old.. one of my fav bikini cover ups!

A little tie dye number can be pulled off in summer!
This Maurie & Eve one is about 6 years old!

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